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The Connection Design for Structural Steel, is a long standing course taught via correspondence for approximately 20 years. For the first time the course has been put online in a CBT (Computer Based Training) learning environment.

This connection design course focuses on steel structures and is targeted to professionals in the steel detailing industry. It is an advanced course for Detailers, Checkers and Structural Engineers. The Connection Design for Structural Steel online course is an effective online training and resource tool available via the Internet.

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Based on the 9th edition of CISC (Canadian Institute of Steel Construction) standards and guidelines, this advanced course for senior Steel Detailers and Structural Engineers provides an excellent training and resource tool for connection design in structural steel members.

Material, references to tables, standards and codes have been updated and will be kept current. Interactive examples and click-through references have put all the learning materials right in front of the student.

This Connection Design for Structural Steel course covers

  • The principles of Limit States Design
  • How and why Beam Load Tables are addressed
  • The use of bolts in connections and how they are stressed in concentric, eccentric, tension and shear
  • The use of welds in connection design including fillet, CJPG (Complete Joint Penetration Groove) and PJPG (Partial Joint Penetration Groove) welds
  • Tension members, beam shear, eccentric, moment, HSS (Hollow Structural Section) and truss connections
  • Prying action of joints
  • Formulas required in calculations and the tables to reference in the CISC Handbook

The Connection Design for Structural Steel course is entirely web-based and self-paced. Students can learn when they want, where they want and covers up to 120 hours of computer based training. Post course, the material and examples serve as an excellent reference guide.

The Connection Design for Structural Steel is administered by Dowco Group of Companies. Instructors are available to support the online training.